Everything You Wanted to Know About Gold IRA Transfers and Rollovers

gold iras

I didn’t even know a Gold IRA was a thing? That’s not entirely surprising. Most people have such busy lives that they often don’t have enough time to learn a whole lot about the various retirement savings options available to them. Plus, most people don’t know alot about gold. So, it isn’t surprising that gold…

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What’s the Difference Between 24K and 9999 Gold?

gold monetary policy

Everyone has heard of 24 karat (24k) gold. It’s all over gold jewelry advertisements. Even if you don’t understand what it means on a technical basis—pure gold with no other metals in the mix—it’s synonymous with “highest quality” as far as gold jewelry is concerned. What about 9999 gold? Most people aren’t familiar with this…

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How Can I Invest in Physical Gold and Silver?

Cold coins and bars.

If you’re looking for ways to diversify your portfolio, investing in physical gold and silver may be an excellent way to achieve this. Many people view precious metals as a safe haven and a means to preserve wealth, especially during times of economic uncertainty. Benefits of investing in physical gold and silver Market volatility, political…

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The Top Reasons for Buying Silver Today

Silver pieces of rhodium on a black background.

People often ask us, “Is it a good idea to invest in silver?”. The short answer to this question, of course, is yes, but there are many reasons why adding silver to your portfolio is a good idea. Be it that you’re a first-time buyer or looking to add or diversify to your already existing…

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The Gold American Eagle

American coins

What’s the most Classic American Gold Coin? Meet the American Eagle Gold Coin. Originally minted in 1986 with a design has remained unchanged since, each coin contains  exactly one ounce of pure gold. It has a face value of only 50 US Dollars, but as you know, the value of each coin is based on…

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What Are Monetary Metals?

gold settlement medium

What are monetary metals? The term “monetary metal” isn’t a very popular term. We can’t even say that it’s a mainstream term that the public uses when talking about silver and gold. But if you spend enough time with the “sound money” crowd, you might come across it often, and its definition is very specific.…

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The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

Whether you’re new to gold coins or just not as familiar with the wider selection of numismatics on the market, you might want to take some time to learn about an outstanding series of coins minted in Canada: the Canadian Maple Leaf. What is the Canadian Maple Leaf? The Canadian Maple Leaf coin is a…

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Debunking Six Myths About Gold

gold myths

For millennia, gold has been used as both a common form of payment and a symbol of wealth and power. Even today, the yellow metal has retained its sense of monetary stability, value and privileged symbolic status.  As a monetary asset, gold is still considered a ‘safe-haven’ investment during periods of economic uncertainty.  Regardless of…

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Introducing the Krugerrand

The South African Krugerrand is famous for being the first one-ounce gold coin to be mass-produced. It garnered immense popularity after its release in 1967, becoming well-known throughout the world.  As of 2018, over 50 million Krugerrand coins have been sold throughout the world. And in contrast to the US, which treats gold coins as…

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