Protect Your Retirement

Adding precious metals like gold to your portfolio can reduce risk by diversifying from paper assets and potentially providing a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty. Unlike paper assets, during turbulent times such as an economic downturn, gold and other precious metals tend to hold their value, making them a trusted option for preserving wealth.

Secure your retirement

At GSI Retirement we provide a solution to investors wishing to diversify their retirement accounts into tangible assets like precious metals. Our approach allows investors to safely and securely purchase metals within IRS guidelines.

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STEP 1: Open a Self Directed IRA Account

The first step to investing in a precious metals IRA is to open a “self directed” IRA. We will help you complete this process with a recommended IRA custodian.

STEP 2: Fund Your Self Directed IRA

Your next step is to fund the account. Your new IRA account can be funded with a transfer, rollover, or contribution

STEP 3: Choose Your Precious Metals

We guide you though choosing your gold and silver from a wide variety of approved coins or bars

Benefits - why work with GSI Retirement


Hedge Against Inflation

Diversification of retirement portfolios beyond traditional paper assets, provides a hedge against inflation and economic downturns.


Against Devaluation

Gold and silver are tangible assets with intrinsic value, which means they may hold their value or appreciate in times of currency devaluation or inflation.


Preserve Wealth

Gold and silver are historically considered a safe-haven asset, meaning they may retain their value during times of economic uncertainty or market volatility.


GSI is a pleasure to work with. I would recommend them without hesitation. The staff is always friendly and easy to talk to, and always go the extra mile to accommodate my requests. They actually care about me as an individual. I enjoy doing business with these people. I am extremely happy with the level of integrity and professionalism displayed by the staff. When It comes time for me to buy some more precious metals, I'll be buying from GSI.


- Mark Tomjack

I was interested in getting information about investing in precious metals. I received information from 3 companies.GSI went further in helping me to understand not only the process of investing in precious metals but the reasons why it is important. I have been very impressed with the honesty and helpfulness of this company and their staff. I now have a precious metals IRA started and I look forward to a long relationship with this company.

- Pat Watson

Since I have become a member of the GSI family, I am extremely satisfied. The challenges they have faced have given credence to their viability. The enthusiasm of their staff only serves to highlight their knowledge and commitment to the success of their constituents. I am looking forward to continued growth and involvement in this organization intent. Thanks for introducing me to this arena of investing.

- Vincent Miller

We have fully appreciated the service given by GSI Exchange and their representatives. They have made what seems to us a complex process a most understandable process and experience. We gladly recommend them to our friends and family. Best to all!

- Ron Smith

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