The Gold American Eagle

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August 1, 2022

What’s the most Classic American Gold Coin?

Meet the American Eagle Gold Coin. Originally minted in 1986 with a design has remained unchanged since, each coin contains  exactly one ounce of pure gold.

It has a face value of only 50 US Dollars, but as you know, the value of each coin is based on a premium above one ounce of the spot metal. Recently, it has traded for around $2,000 per coin ( a far cry from its notional value of $50).

1/10 oz Gold American Eagle

designed initially by artist Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Its most prominent feature is the Golden eagle that is depicted on the coin

Tell me more about the American Eagle’s design features

The face, adapted from the famous design by artist Augustus Saint-Gaudens, also features the year of mintage. The obverse of the American Gold Eagle features lady liberty with flowing hair confidently standing through the rays of the sun, standing before the Capitol building  holding a torch in her right hand and an olive branch in her left. 

The inscriptions are: The United States of American, E Pluribus Unum, and In God We Trust. 

The American Eagle’s reverse was specially designed by Miley Busiek back when this gold coin was released and shows a family of bald eagles in intricate detail. A male eagle in flight approaches a female and her young, gripping an olive branch in his claws. 

new gold

The 2022 redesign of the coin

What about the 2022 redesign?

The new redesign for 2022 comes with improved counterfeiting measures, which is another major benefit for investors. 

In addition to its new security features, the reverse sode of the American Eagle has a completely new design. Medallic designers Renatta Goron and Jenny Norris have added a side profile eagle portrait with piercing gaze to this new edition along with metal reeded edge variation as one example of their anti-counterfeiting measures. 

What about its metallic breakdown?

This coin contains one whole ounce of gold, even though the yellow metal makes up 91.67% of the Gold Eagle coin. This bullion coin also contains 3% silver and 5.3% copper, alloyed with the soft gold for better durability. The purity of this gold coin is 22 karats, and this, in addition to the weight and content, is backed-up and guaranteed in full by the US Government. 

The reliability of the source of gold, alongside the attractive design and extensive availability, has made the Gold American Eagle a long-time preferred favorite amongst every kind of buyer. 

Investors and coin collectors alike prefer coins that are easier to buy, sell, and trade, and the Gold Eagle’s popularity makes it ideal. This gold bullion coin is recognizable globally and carries a proud symbol of the American spirit. 

The American Gold Eagle.

the two faces of the Golden American Eagle from 1901

I’m ready to invest, but how do I buy these coins? 

Obviously, you’re not going to being to walk up to a bank and find these coins. Collectors might be satisfied with a single round, but buying more coins means a better spot price. 

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