What is the Gold Standard?

What is the Gold Standard

Maybe you’ve heard the term “Gold Standard” discussed in recent years, particularly if you’ve been following Dr. Judy Shelton’s (failed) nomination to the Federal Reserve in 2020.  Shelton was a strong advocate for bringing back the gold standard in some capacity or another. And it’s her advocacy that eventually triggered the vote of no confidence…

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What Is the Gold Silver Ratio?

What is the Gold-to-Silver ratio? The best way to answer this question is by posing another question: how many ounces of silver are equal to one ounce of gold? Once you figure that out, then you’ve figured out the gold-to-silver ratio.  Also called the “mint ratio,” the gold-to-silver ratio represents the amount of silver ounces…

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What Is The Sheldon Coin Grading Scale?

The Sheldon Coin Grading Scale is one of the most widely used grading systems for numismatic coins. The scale was modified in 1970 to provide greater specificity of criteria. If you want to understand the Sheldon scale, you’d better become familiar with its coding designations (and there are many of them) Assessing the Quality of…

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A Brief History of Gold as Money

A brief history of gold as money

Gold may not be a “relic,” but its history of use goes back to the dawn of civilization.  How far back, you ask? As far as its use as money, nearly three millennia, around 550 to 700 BC (the exact century is debatable). Lydian merchants were using gold as a medium of exchange. But its…

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The History Behind Using Gold As Money

Gold as money

EDITOR’S NOTE: Gold has been valued as money for several centuries, and it’s still a universally recognized monetary asset. That’s why most central banks hold it among other their foreign exchange reserves. Why anyone would consider it a relic is beyond anyone who’s knowledgable of sound economic practices. For those who are new to gold,…

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What Is Money, Anyway?

soft landing economy

Is gold the same as money? It depends on who’s holding it There’s a lot of debate surrounding gold as “money”. Sure, it’s a monetary metal, but not every country or region within a country considers it as “legal tender.” Yet, the Bank of International Settlements consider gold (if not silver) as an M1 asset…

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What Are Monetary Metals?

Monetary Metals - Gold & Silver

What are monetary metals? The term “monetary metal” isn’t a very popular term. We can’t even say that it’s a mainstream term that the public uses when talking about silver and gold. But if you spend enough time with the “sound money” crowd, you might come across it often, and its definition is very specific.…

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Vermeil Vs Gold Plated vs Gold Filled: What’s The Difference?

Low Gold Spot Price

Gold is a favorite metal in the jewelry industry. People like it for its color, luster, durability, and value. This is also why there are so many types of gold jewels even for those who sometimes can’t buy the high-end ones. The plated jewels mimic the high-end style of jewelry. You can have solid gold…

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